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Jun, 2020


To All In WNSL Spring/Summer Baseball and Flag Football:

We have clearance to play youth sports (baseball and flag football) in Warner Park on Monday June 22nd!!! 

We will have an updated schedule by tomorrow morning (Friday) for baseball and flag football.
 Everyone in both sports please recheck your schedules for the schedule may have changed slightly. Schedules are only posted through July 2nd for the most part.   

Football teams need to be ready to go so get going ASAP. We may schedule flag football games as early as next Thursday June 25th. We will get all teams 8 games in Flag Football. There are a few flag football teams needing a coach so if your team does not have a coach or has lost the coach be prepared to meet with the team to find a coach. Information will be forthcoming. 

Baseball teams should recheck your schedule for games will be starting Monday June 22 at Warner Park.
 We may move some games from the Church to Warner park that are already on the schedule. 

We are following our COVID-19 Guidelines the best we can so please look these guidelines over and please follow them. We are modifying them a bit after seeing what is practical at the Church the last week. You will see the modifications at the fields. 

Note: No refunds will be given out for the refund time period expired over a month ago. 

Please check out he Concession Stands when you are at the fields for we could use the business. 

Thanks for your patience with all of this. Finally someone in the local government has come to their senses. It has been a long road to get back to playing these sports but it will be worth it. It's time for all age groups to play ball through July!!



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