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WNSL Believes in Giving Back, Just How Much Do We Give Back?

We may be a youth sports league, but our goal is to provide a fun environment for all players and families while teaching the importance of sportsmanship while on the field and court, and to leave a lasting impression of what "Loving The Game" is all about. It is about carrying the mentality of giving it your best shot, working as hard as you can, having fun, being respectful and doing what you can to help your team in all areas of life. When a player finishes a season, we hope they have learned more than just the game at hand. We desire to touch the lives of children that are not only a part of WNSL, but a part of the Nashville community in every way possible, and to help make the schools, specifically in the West Nashville area, the best they can be. Below are a few ways we give back.


WNSL will never turn down a player based on the ability to pay. It is our belief that every child deserves the chance to play any sport they desire. In 2019 WNSL awarded a total of 42 scholarships totaling over $12,000! Since 2013 over 700 scholarships have been given out!

Giving Back to The Community

In 2019, WNSL gifted the Nashville Community over $40,000!
That amount came from over 500 registration certificates given to schools to be used in fundraisers, money donated directly to schools, other non-profit charities and more! We are ecstatic to be able to give back to the children of the Nashville community!

Pictured Above: WNSL Donated $4,000 to West End Middle School for the multimedia program in 2016. Pictured are Multimedia Director Bruno Clarke, Principal Dr. Hammond, WNSL President Scott Tygard and the WNSL Basketball Team from West End Middle School and other numerous other multimedia participants.

Thanking Coaches

All WNSL Coaches are volunteers and without them the league would not be possible. Being a WNSL Coach requires a coach give up at least one night per week for practices or games, one day per weekend for games during the season, which is typically two months long, and ultimately
 take responsibility for his/her team. This is no small feat! For this, we like to tell our Coaches "Thank You" twice annually by hosting them at Buffalo Wild Wings for free food and beverages and also some great door prizes like TVs, Computer Monitors, Dick's Sporting Goods gift certificates and more. 

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