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Jun, 2020

We Must Do Better!

June 29, 2020 Update

To All in WNSL Spring/Summer Baseball and Flag Football: 

Good morning to all in the WNSL Spring/Summer Sports,

I would like to reach out for your help. We must do better with our following of our COVID-19 Guidelines. The WNSL will try harder but we need everyone to help us in following our guidelines to ensure we are being healthy and safe while playing youth baseball and flag football. Please help us in the following areas:

- Baseball teams must social distance while at bat. Using bleachers/ 2 players in the dugout and spacing players while at bat must be followed. Having a "special distancing coach" for each team would be a welcome help.  

- Football players in the huddle and on sidelines must be social distanced. 

- End of game meeting/talks/snacks with the team must be a social distanced event. Please space the players/parents out in these after game activities.   

- Spectators must be social distancing themselves and stay 6 feet apart. If spectators are unable to social distance themselves then they must wear a maskSpectators for both football and baseball must adhere to this social distance protocol. Spectators should bring their own chairs and space themselves out accordingly. Baseball bleachers are off limits to the spectators and will be utilized by the players. Family members are okay to be close to one another but all other individuals must be social distanced.  

- Football coaches must sanitize their flags before each game. Each team must bring their own sanitizer and the coach must show the referees at their game that this sanitizing of flags is being accomplished.  The football game will not commence until the flags are sanitized. 

- No pets will be allowed in the sports areas. Pets have been causing social distancing issues. Please do not bring the pets.      

-Masks are not mandatory for spectators but if spectators fail to follow the social distancing guidelines we will go to a mandatory mask policy. 

-Masks are not mandatory for baseball and football players for masks are exempt when masks “could pose a safety risk” or while “running.”

- During inclement weather and there is a rain delay everyone must go to their cars and not congregate under the pavilion.

I appreciate everyone following our COVID-19 guidelines. The WNSL will try harder to make the sports venues a safe environment but we must all do our part. Your help is appreciated and remember "We are all in this together- just 6 feet apart together." 

Thanks for believing in the WNSL and yourselves,


Please check your schedule religiously for with the July 4th holiday three have been some changes. 

July schedules will be out on Tuesday night and remember we will play through July 25th. 

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